All properties are leased based on credit approval and careful evaluation as outlined below. Showings are scheduled by appointment only. Our properties are top-notch and priced fairly. Therefore, they rent quickly.

Fair Housing Laws:

We adhere to all Fair Housing Laws.


Application Fee:


There is a non-refundable $40 application fee which covers the cost of obtaining credit bureau and criminal record reports, verifying employment and checking references. In the event your application is unable to be processed by us, this fee will be fully refunded.

Application Deposit:

An application deposit of $150 is required at the time of application from each applicant over age 18. This is fully refundable if your application is denied by us. If accepted, 100 percent of the application deposit will apply toward your security deposit.


All fees and deposits are per applicant. A deposit from each applicant is required to hold the property during the application process. This protects applicants applying as roommates as it deters one or two roommates from backing out after application and acceptance, leaving the others short a roommate and unable to fulfill their contractual obligations. 




Each proposed resident without sufficient income (2.5 times monthly rent) to cover rental amount must have a parent or other well-qualified guarantor complete a separate guaranty form (link below) at the time of application - we will be unable to hold your application waiting for this form. The guarantor does not pay an application fee. Outstanding debts and other necessary monthly obligations will also be taken into consideration. A well-qualified guarantor may be required for marginally qualified applicants.


Credit bureau reports are obtained from Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Each applicant's individual circumstances are evaluated carefully.  Applications are reviewed based on: 1) complete and accurate application; 2) consistent rental history; 3) prompt rental payment; 4) previous lease contract violations; 5) credit score; 6) income; 7) move in date; 8) pets; 9) criminal history; 10) provision of application documentation such as driver's license; and 11) payment of application fee and deposit for each proposed resident over 18.  


An application could be denied based on information obtained from an applicant or guarantor's: 1) criminal history;  2) previous rental history;  3) current income;  4) credit history;  5) failure to provide accurate or complete information on the application form; or 6) any other lawful reason. For more details please see our Tenant Screening Criteria page. 

What You will Need to Apply:

Incomplete applications cannot be considered. A complete “package” includes:

  1. application from each unrelated persons over age 18 who will occupy the property;

  2. lease guarantor forms for each applicant/roommate as required;

  3. pet application if applicable; 

  4. application fee from each applicant over 18 that will occupy the property; and

  5. application deposit from each applicant if roommates, only one deposit needed if applicants are legally married at the time of application.

  6. Copy of driver's license for each proposed occupant over age 18


Applications are processed when all of the above has been received.  You may apply online with the click of your mouse:









Lease Guarantor Form  (to be completed by parents or other guarantor). Your lease guarantor may fax or email this in directly to us.

Pet Application & Pet Policy -- printable version (the Online Version of the Resident Application above contains an online version Pet Application)





All leases are standard Texas Apartment Association (TAA) leases (the same lease you would find at any apartment complex across the state of Texas) and are timed with the university semesters if you are a student. If you move-in on another date other than the first of the month, your first month's rent will be prorated based on your move-in / lease start date.


Upon application approval, your lease must be executed within three business days. All approved residents must be present to sign at this time. However, your lease may actually start at a later date as specified on your application. If the lease is not executed within this time period, it will be assumed that you are no longer interested in the property. If you request a remote signing is requested/required by you, we will pass on any incurred expenses to you.

TAA Lease Contract Sample


1. Upon submitting your application, your application fee ($40) and application deposit ($150 / fully refundable) are due. When you apply online by using the button above, you will be able to pay online as well. The account you set up online will be the same you will use to pay your rent once you move in. Online payment is required under the application and lease contract.


2. If approved for tenancy, the remainder of your security deposit is due at the time of your lease signing. To calculate the amount due at lease signing subtract $150 from the total security deposit required for your property = this is the amount due at the time of lease signing.  Each applicant will receive an email upon acceptance outlining all of the details for the lease signing and moving in.


3. The lease must be executed and that all rents, deposits, and fees must be paid within three calendar days after notification of acceptance unless otherwise arranged at the time of notification.


4.  Your first month's rent will not be due until the start date of your lease. This amount will be prorated based on the day of the month your lease commences. Generally, this is your move-in date. On this date we will conduct a thorough walk-through of the property with you and give you your keys.


5.  If you have a pet and it has been approved, you may pay out your pet deposit over three months starting on the second month of residency.  See our Pet Pages for our complete pet policy and pet application.



Your privacy is important to us.  Visit or privacy policy:


Privacy Policy

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