Tenant Screening Criteria

We will conduct the following screening:

  • Identity verification

  • Employment verification

  • Previous landlords checks

  • Credit reports - Equifax, Experian & TransUnion

  • Eviction records checks

  • Criminal checks

  • Terrorist list check

As a GENERAL rule we follow these guidelines:


Employment:  Length of employment and/or job stability will be considered in addition to income.

Rental History:  Frequency of moves and length of residencies at previous locations will be considered. A record of frequent late rent payment, failure adhere to material terms of a lease, unpaid damage to property, frequent disturbances, or failure to respond to notices will disqualify the applicant.

Credit Reports:  Delinquent accounts or unpaid judgments will be considered. Unpaid judgments related to rental housing will disqualify the applicant. Bankruptcies will be considered on an individual basis.

Evictions:  Any past or current eviction during the past 7 years will disqualify the applicant. 

Criminal Record:  Convictions for violent crimes, illegal drug activities or other criminal activity that could be considered to pose a threat to the safety of others will the will disqualify the applicant.

Bank Account:  Transactional checking account under Federal Reserve Board Regulation D with ability to make payments electronically through the ACH system in applicant's name. Most brick & mortar and online bank checking accounts qualify.

NOTE:  Information provided by the applicant that is material to the landlord's selection standards and is determined untrue shall be grounds for disqualifying the applicant.


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